After a long time of employment in the advertising and production industry (a.o. Saatchi&Satchi, Propaganda Boutique, Emanon Film) and completing my studies at the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne, I wrote and directed the feature “Journey to America” along with several commercial projects. I realized that filmmaking is very fulfilling, but you end up being poor, so I bi-directionally worked in front of the camera for about 15 years now as a model, presenter ( and actress.

My experience in front of the camera provides me with the knowledge what really leads an actor to better performance and how to evoke moments of authenticity and subtle humor perpetually.

Being a cellphone-addict and lifestyle-junkie myself I have a different understanding of how to generate experiences and memories that help establish the brand in the consumer’s mind and provide a consistent commitment.

I not only have a fully packed wardrobe but, also a weakness for fashion movies, love shooting kids and am convinced that women too, love to stage mouth-dropping cars and spectacular stunts.